My Name is Kirkshinta (Shin) Turnipseed. I was born and raised in Rochester, New Year! Until a lil over a year ago  I tried and failed to make money online ! I tried everything from traditional network marketing to forex ya name it!!

I knew it was possible to make money online since I saw people all around me having large success! After connecting with a multiple six figure coach I was able to learn that making full money online and life changing money is simple with a few simple tools, strategies and consistency! Boy I had been doing things wrong before!!!

Applying these simple strategies I became a top 6 earner in my company, learned how to leverage multiple passive income streams and earned over $50k in my first year online from home.

I’m so excited to help others online learn these secrets and create their own success story!

Contact me today, let’s discuss how I can help you.

Coach Kirkshinta